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Technical Tips

Graco Guide to Contractor Spray Tips

Spray Tips are a small part with great importance. In this brochure you will discover why choosing the right tip is so essential, how to choose the right tip for your application and how to get the best out of your tips.Link below :- Graco Guide to Contractor Spray Tips ...

RPB Safety - Radex Breathing Filter and Replacement Cartridges

 RPB Radex Air Filter Unit The Radex Breathing Air Filter can remove oil and water mists, + particulate pollutants down to 0.5 micron from a compressed air supply.  The ideal companion to an air supplied respirator such as the NOVA 3 Blast Helmet or the Z Link Respirator. It can also be used when clean air is required for critical processes such as high quality paint spraying. Original Replacement Cartridges The large capacity and economical 6 stage filter can be changed within minutes. The cartridge should be inspected weekly or more often depending ...

How to choose a suitable shotblasting abrasive?

There are many abrasives used for blast cleaning. A guide to the most popular abrasive media types and classifications is listed.Classification : Reusable or Expendable Shotblasting AbrasivesRecyclable Abrasives :Reusable shot blasting abrasives tend to be higher in cost than expendable abrasives. Reusable blast media is generally used in indoor 'closed circuit' environments such as shot blast chambers or blast cabinets, were the media can be recovered and re-used.  Examples of reusable abrasives areChilled Iron (

RPB Nova Blast Helmet 3 - additional information

Please see the Information Portal on our website.The section RPB Safety Product Information, contains additional information on the RPB Nova 3 blast helmet :-Productivity ReportCE MarkingRespiratory Protection Factors    ...

Shot Blasting Helmet Safety

INNER LENS safety on a nova BLAST HELMET The inner lens on a blast helmet is the last line of defence. The inner lens is the only part that is designed for safety, the outer lens and the tear-off lens are designed to protect the inner lens from abrasion but not for operator safety. With no inner lens you could be in danger.The inner lens should be able to withstand airborne debris striking the lens. To test the Nova™ Series helmet inner lens, a ball bearing is fired at the lens at a speed of 200 mph. After being subjected to this test, the Nova inner lens does not puncture. Does your in...

Breathing Air Quality and Testing

 It is a legal requirement to ensure that the quality of breathable air being supplied to an operator is at a suitable standard. COSHH regulations state that ‘testing should be conducted at least once every 3 months and more frequently when the quality of the air supplied cannot be assured'. The quality of the air is set out in the BS EN 12021 standard. We can offer an air testing service at your premises. Please see this link for the data sheet with more information. Data Sheet Link - Breathing Air Quality and Testing...

Devilbiss Air Cap Selection Guide

A fascinating 54 page booklet on the Air Caps and Fluid Tips of the modern Devilbiss and Binks Spray Gun range. Shows how an air cap works, types of atomisation, pattern types, fluid flows, fault finding, and what caps and tips suit each model of gun.Air Cap and Fluid Tip Selection Guide...

Inspection of Sperian Air Fed Masks

Click on the link to see the Inspection Recommendations for Air Fed Masks such as the Willson / Sperian Airvisor 2.Air Fed Mask Maintenance and Inspection Guide...

Powder Coating Tips with Gema Optiflex 2 Gun

Tips from SFEG and Gema on how to acheive optimum powder coating results with Flat Parts, Complicated Parts, and Recoats.Click Read More for the live link. Powder Coating Tips with the Gema Optiflex 2 Gun ...

Airless Tip Guide

Click on the Graco Guide Tips on Airless Spray Tips in our Info Portal about the correct selection of Airless Spray Tips. Link - Tips on Tips...

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