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Spray Painting

Specialists in Spray Painting Equipment

At SFEG, we stock a comprehensive selection of spray painting equipment suitable for a range of applications, from Industrial Coating to Decorating Contractors. Our Graco Airless spray painting equipment can quickly cover large areas for protective applications. Our Devilbiss low pressure Spray Guns such as the GTI and Advanced Gun achieving a world renowned, fine, high-quality finish..

Electric and Petrol Paint Spray Equipment

We supply, service, and hire Electric & Petrol spray painting equipment by Graco, who are the world leading manufacturer in fluid handling equipment. Our range include the electrically powered Graco ST Max and the Graco Ultramax II, and the petrol powered Graco GMax, ideal for sites where no power supply is available. Also available is the Graco Linelazer, which is based on the Gmax but specifically modified for line marking.

Airless & Air Assisted Spray Painting Equipment

Airless & Air Assisted spray painting equipment is so-called because the paint being sprayed is atomised by hydraulic pressure at the spray tip. This allows for a medium to high pressure spray, enabling you to quickly cover large surfaces.

Leading Spray Gun Brands Available

We stock a range of Graco Airless Guns and Devilbliss Spray Guns, the trusted favourites of finishers all over the world.

Paint Tanks and Pumps

Our range of Paint Tanks & Pumps includes pressure feed pots and diaphragm pumps; both of which are designed to reduce the time between fill-ups. This serves to increase application rates, allowing for the use of higher viscosity materials.

Plural Components

Finally, our Plural Component spray painting equipment allow for the application of coatings formulated with less solvent. Such coatings reduce VOC emissions and speed up the spray painting process with faster curing times.

Questions about our paint spray equipment

If you are unsure which spray painting equipment is best for your needs, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to advise. Call us on 0191 415 3030 (North East) or 0161 480 8087 (North West).

Our Range of Spray Paint Equipment

For more information on our range of paint spray equipment, click any of the links below.

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