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Brushes and Scrapers

Image of Tungsten Carbide Scraper

Tungsten Carbide Scraper

A heavy duty metal scraper complete with 50 mm Tungsten Carbide replaceable and reversible blade. ...

Image of Paint Brush

Paint Brush

Industrial Contractors Paintbrush. Standard sizes 1", 2", 3"....

Image of Mini Roller Head - Medium Pile

Mini Roller Head - Medium Pile

A 4" long heavy duty medium pile mini roller head - black stripe. Ideal for oil and water based coatings....

Image of Mini Roller Frame

Mini Roller Frame

A mini roller frame available in 10" and 21" lengths, and compatible with our 4" push fit mini roller heads....

Image of Element Brush

Element Brush

Our angled brushes, are also commonly called Radiator Brushes, Dog Leg brushes or Element Brushes. They are used paint difficult places such as corner...

Image of Striker Brush

Striker Brush

A round head brush with a 45 degree angled head. With long wooden handle for reach. ...

Image of Roller Frame - 7 Inch

Roller Frame - 7 Inch

A 7" Wide x 1.75" Diameter Push Fit Plastic Handle Frame for 7 inch roller sleeves....

Image of Roller Head - 7 inch

Roller Head - 7 inch

A short pile mohair roller suitable for 7" x 1-3/4" Frames. ideal for gloss, satin, emulsion paints. ...

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