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Blast Helmets

When carrying out abrasive blasting, meeting onsite health and safety regulations is paramount. Blast Helmets provide essential protection from the impact of abrasive, noise, and respiratory hazards generated by the blasting process.

Blast Helmets - safety, comfort & improved productivity

When wearing safety gear for hours on end, safety and comfort is of vital importance. As helmets cover the face, it is essential that they provide good visibility so that you can work properly. At SFEG we stock blast helmets from leading manufacturers including RPB Safety, Honeywell Sperian and all helmets comply with CE respiratory standard EN 271:1995.

Nova Blast Helmets

Nova blast helmets are made of durable abrasion resistant materials and are built to withstand the harshest blasting environments. With built-in high density protective screens, you can see clearly while your eyes and face are fully protected. Nova helmets also feature air flow regulators, ensuring workers receive the amount of air they need.

The Nova 3 Blast Helmet is the top of the range flagship model and offers the highest level of protection and comfort, along with quick change inner lenses and tear off outer lenses. It offers a larger viewing window, for excellent forward and peripheral vision.

The Nova 2000 blast helmet is known as one of the most comfortable Nova blast helmets on the market. It keeps users alert with a cool air flow that refreshes and clears fog. Tinted lenses are available for dimming bright environments, and sound deadening foam keeps things quiet even when working in a loud room. Pillow foam padding means that the helmet sits in a comfortable position, without irritating the ears or neck.

Image of Nova 2000 Helmet

Nova 2000 Helmet

The Nova 2000 blast helmet is one of the most comfortable blasting helmets available. Companies worldwide have chosen it to reduce wo...

Image of Commander II Helmet

Commander II Helmet

Popularly known as the “Defender”. This helmet is a popular choice with contractors due to its simple rugged design....

Image of Apollo 60 Blast Helmet

Apollo 60 Blast Helmet

The Apollo 60 Helmet is complete with air flow regulator, cape, and muffler and uses a 3 stage lens system....

Image of Nova 3 Blast Helmet

Nova 3 Blast Helmet

The RPB Nova 3 Blast Helmet is our flagship helmet and combines breakthrough protection technology with advanced comfort, convenience...

Image of C40 Climate Control Device

C40 Climate Control Device

The RPB C40 is the ultimate climate control device, which can Heat or Cool the supplied air - with the slide of a lever....

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