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Blasting Equipment

Market Leading Shot Blasting Equipment Solutions

Shot blasting equipment is used to remove existing paints, rust, corrosion, oxidisation or graffiti from a range of surfaces.

In many cases, abrasive blasting equipment can provide the optimum method of surface preparation. It thoroughly etches the surface, allowing for effective and long lasting adhesion of any subsequent coating.

Shot blasting equipment to suit any surface

At SFEG, we stock a comprehensive range of abrasive blasting equipment to suit any surface, budget, and any shot blasting media.

We have abrasive blast pots, available for sale or hire, in sizes of 20 or 200 litre capacities.

Dustless and Wet Abrasive Shot Blasting Equipment

Our selection of Dustless and Wet Systems includes SAT Blast wet blasting equipment and the Blast & Vac dustless blasting system, ideal for safe and clean blast cleaning in enclosed or protected areas.

Our range of Spot Blasting Equipment is ideal for more precise jobs, such as the removal of weld splatter and the deburring of cut metal edges.

Abrasive Recovery and Dust Extraction Equipment

Pneumatic and electric Abrasive Recovery Equipment is used to clean-up and transport used blast media. This allows you to recycle reusable blast medias, or safely dispose of expendable medias.

We stock fixed and portable Dust Extraction Equipment, which enables safer use of your abrasive blasting equipment in an environment free from dust and other harmful airborne particles.

Blast Cabinets for the Complete Blasting Environment

Finally, our Blast Cabinets allow for safe, clean and self-contained cleaning of small to medium objects. Suction and pressure blast cabinets collect and recycle used blast media, providing a continuous, reliable and efficient cleaning and finishing system.

For more information on our range of abrasive media, read our short abrasives guide.

If you are unsure which abrasive blasting equipment is right for your requirements, get in touch and we will be happy to advise. Call us on 0191 415 3030 (North East) or 0161 480 8087 (North West).

For more information on our extensive range of abrasive blasting equipment, click any of the links below.

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