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Blast N Vac Vacuum Blast

Blast N Vac Vacuum Blast

Key Features

Our system provide dust free blast cleaning, is ideal for the removal of hazardous coatings, or for blast cleaning sensitive areas where dust and debris are not permitted.


  • The Blast & Vac system is a dry dustless blasting system which uses a closed blast head to contain the abrasive and debris.
  • The Blast & Vac system incudes:-
  • Dry collection drum, Wet filter drum, Abravac vacuum generator, Interconnecting vacuum hoses
  • 10 metres blast hose and recovery hose as standard
  • Floor mounted water separator
  • The blast head collects the used abrasive and debris and the vacuum system transports it to the dry collection drum. Dust is carried over into the wet filter drum where the air passes through the water filter to remove the dust, before the clean air is discharged through the AbraVac and silencer.
  • Various sizes of blast head are available including 90 deg angled head for awkward areas, and heads for corners.
  • Recommended air compressor is 375 cfm.
  • Please ask about essential consumables

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