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Airvisor 2 Air Fed Mask

Airvisor 2 Air Fed Mask

Key Features

Honeywell Sperian Airvisor 2 Air Fed Masks provide a practical solution in the paint shop, powder coating, or industrial spraying environments where a high level of protection is required including isocyanate paints, dusts and powders.


The DMAK-0023E Honeywell Sperian Airvisor 2 Air Fed Mask is a safe, practical and comfortable respiratory protection solution for those who work in paint shops, or in powder coating or industrial spraying environments. 

Indeed, the Sperian Airvisor 2 is particularly suited for paint spraying. Not only does it afford operators with safe and reliable respiratory protection, it is also compatible with tear-off screens. These can be removed, cleaned and replaced with ease should paint overspray become a problem.

Features and Benefits of the Airvisor 2 Sperian Air Fed Mask

  • The Honeywell Sperian Airvisor 2 air fed mask is includes a lightweight Acetate Chemical Resistant Full Face Visor or optional Half Mask Visor.
  • It fully complies to Respiratory Standards EN 14594:2005
  • The Sperian air fed mask includes a waistbelt with Carbon Filter and Tamper-proof Safety Regulator.
  • Low Flow warning device / whistle — validates operated safety.
  • Diffusor—provides optimum delivery of airflow inside the headpiece.
  • Tear-Off Screens can be fitted and peeled off if contaminated with overspray.
  • Many common spares such as screens, filters, chin guards, and fittings stocked.

The Sperian Airvisor 2 is available as either a lightweight acetate chemical resistant full face visor, or as a half mask visor. In either case, it weighs little more than a kilogram, which means that it can be comfortably worn for long periods without inducing fatigue. This, of course, will serve to greatly reduce the downtime usually caused by worker fatigue.

Fully compliant with EN14594:2005 Respiratory Standards, the Sperian Airvisor 2 is fitted with a diffusor, which provides an optimum deliver of airflow inside the headpiece at all times. The added waist belt unit includes a carbon filter and a tamper-proof safety regulator, acting as an effective failsafe against malfunctions and compromises. Finally, a low flow warning device will whistle should the air supply ever drop below HSE stipulated levels, so you can rest assured that operator safety will be paramount at all times.

The Sperian Air Fed Mask requires a suitable compressed air supply of breathable quality, of a flow rate above 260 litres/minute at 6.0 bar. In addition, a Rectus 25 Series Quick Release airline coupling body can be supplied as an extra if required.

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