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Portable Dust Extraction

Portable Dust Extraction

Key Features

On site jobs the structure to be blast cleaned such as a bridge can often be totally enclosed using an enviro-wrap system, and our extractor can be connected via flexible ducting to the enclosure to remove the dust.


  • Our portable dust extractors offer a purpose built dust extraction solution.
  • Based on our Air Pulse Cartridge Collector adaptated to suit the rigors of site conditions.
  • Available for both sale or hire.
  • Portable - our dust extractors are skid mounted and have lifting eyes and can be moved to and from and around site by a fork lift, crane, or hiab.
  • Waste Disposal - Our robust portable extractors feature either collection bins (with plastic bag liners) designed to be emptied whilst the collector is still in operation to minimise downtime, or plastic bags on the bottom of the extractor ready for disposal.
  • Flexible ducting - is used to connect the extraction unit to the blasting enclosure
  • Power - the extraction fan has a higher pressure rating than many extractors, allowing for long lengths of flexible ducting commonly used on site applications.

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