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  • 5 Reasons why you need Powder Coating Booths

    When it comes to providing a high-quality finish to equipment, you cannot beat our range of powder coating booths! Here at Surface Finishing Equipment Group, we supply the powder coating booths to suit the most diverse needs and wants. Powder coating is a popular finishing technology that has increased in popularity over recent years, providing a clean, glossy finish...
  • Graco Guide to Contractor Spray Tips

    Spray Tips are a small part with great importance.  In this brochure you will discover why choosing the right tip is so essential, how to choose the right tip for your application and how to get the best out of your tips. Link below :- Graco Guide to Contractor Spray Tips 
  • Profilium Steel Abrasive

    Profilium is a premium steel abrasive that can be used as a high performance reusable alternative to chilled iron or steel grit.   Please click on the link for more details. Profilium Shotblasting Abrasive Link  
  • Top 5 Surface Finishing Equipment Products by SFEG

    As the UK’s leading surface finishing equipment provider, Surface Finishing Equipment Group supply innovative designs that match your criteria specifically. SFEG provide a wide range of products and services that can be tailored to the needs and wants of various industry sectors. This includes abrasive blasting equipment, spray painting equipment, powder coating...

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