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Expendable Abrasives

Expendable Abrasives

Key Features

Expendable Shotblasting Abrasives such as J Blast Iron Silicate, Abrablast, and Stonegrit are generally designed for site blasting. Typically this is open blasting such as mobile blast pots, where the blast media is not recovered. Our blast media is economical & effective for open media blasting.


  • None of our blast media products contain 'free silica' which can occur when blasting with sand. 
  • Free Silica can cause Silicosis which is an irreverisble lung condition
  • The type of blasting media abrasive is usually chosen dependant on the material to be removed, the underlying substrate, and the type of finish required.
  • Available in either 25 kg or 37.5 kg bags depending on product
  • Discounted rates are available for full pallets of expendable abrasives - normally 1.5 Tonne
  • See Data Sheet for full details
Name Blasting Media Description Typical uses
JBlast Supa A synthetic mineral abrasive with a hard dense structure. A high cleaning rate and etch acceptable for most industrial coatings e.g. ship’s hulls, tank internals, and general steel fabrications.
Abrablast Medium A mixture of inert recycled angular glass grit and Calcium Silicate. A versatile media which can be used in most applications where you would use expendable.
Abrablast Fine A finer version of above. Ideal for use in our Satblast Wet Blast System, but also a versatile media for many application.
Garnet A hard angular natural mineral producing less dust than other expendable abrasives. High performance blasting and sites requiring low dust levels. May be recycled a number of times. Ideal in our Satblast Wet Blast System.
Olivine A naturally occurring magnesium-iron silicate. A safe alternative to sand, e.g. for cleaning brick and stone. Ideal for our Wet Blast System.
A Calcium Silicate synthetic mineral abrasive. Suitable for stone and brick face cleaning, or removal of graffiti, also cleaning of surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminium and others.
JBlast SC A light coloured calcium silicate synthetic mineral abrasive. Ideal for delicate applications include stonework, wood, masonry renovation, graffiti removal, etc.

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