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Abrablast Abrasive

Abrablast Abrasive

Key Features

Abrablast Shotblasting Abrasive is a versatile blasting media. In Medium grade it is an all round abrasive suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates. In Fine grade it is ideal for use in our SAT Blast wet blasting system.


What is Abrablast Shotblasting Abrasive?

Abrablast Abrasive is a versatile media which consists of a controlled mixture of inert recycled products, the majority being angular Glass Grit and Calcium Silicate. It is often used and as effective alternative to J Blast Copper Slag as there is less risk of environmental contamination.

Typical uses are :-

• General open blasting
• Wet Blasting with the SAT Blast
• Preparation for paint spraying on metals
• Removal of paint and coating on Plastics & Composites:
• Surface preparation of wood in fine grade

 We stock Abrablast abrasive in 25kg bags with reduced rates available for full pallet orders.

Grade of Abrablast Abrasive Blasting Media

  • Abrablast Medium - Grain Size 0.2 - 1.5 mm
  • Abrablast Fine Grain Size 0.2 - 0.7 mm

Example Applications 

  • Abrablast Medium - A versatile media which can be used in most applications
  • Abrablast Fine - Ideal for use in our Satblast Wet Blast System, but also a dry blast applications were a lower blast profile or finer finish is required.

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